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You all know by now how much I love my little samurai army of luxury bushes. I’m talking about my beloved Tom Ford brushes which I use to do my makeup on a daily basis. Today I’m going to talk about some dupes for them…

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But if you want to read my review on my complete Tom Ford brush collection before that, make sure you click the links here and here.


Now, I’m sorry to cut you the wings, but don’t get too excited! These aren’t that kind of dupes where you know that Tom Ford makeup brushes can be really expensive and I’m giving you an alternative that will cost you only a fraction of that price! Sadly that’s impossible!

But there are dupes, and I dare to say, there are some dupes that I prefer to the original at any time.

The dupes I will be showing you next are from Hakuhodo, which beside the fact that their price varies from 7$ up to a few hundred of dollars according on the model and the size, they are made of the softest natural hairs which I personally prefer. Plus, especially the eye makeup blending brushes, they are amazing and make everything so easy and effortless, even for an amateur makeup artist like myself.

Also keep in mind that I will be talking only about the brushes I own in my collection, and by consequence I have tried them… a lot! So this is my personal experience with them!

Brushes I will discuss:

  • Tom Ford #06 Cheek Brush with its dupe Hakuhodo J5543
  • Tom Ford #11 Eye Shadow Brush and the Hakuhodo J5523 dupe
  • Tom Ford #13 Crease Brush dupe Hakuhodo‘s J142
  • Tom Ford #14 Smokey Eye Brush dupped by Hakuhodo G5514
  • Tom Ford #15 Eye Liner and Definer Brush and Hakuhodo G5513






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