FOTD Spring Pinks & 2 Nude Lipstick Options from ESTÉE LAUDER


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annie's beauty... FOTD Spring Pinks & 2 Nude Lipstick Options from ESTÉE LAUDER 1

It’s the weekend, the most blessed part of the week, right?!

Let’s take it easy here, on annie’s beauty… as well and enjoy the colourful spring we’re having right now! Lots of pinks from the blooming flowers, some fresh greens from the leaves, some gold from the sun light… Yes, the spring weather was the inspiration for this post and I hope you’ll enjoy it, Beautiful!

Have a blessed spring weekend!

annie's beauty... FOTD Spring Pinks & 2 Nude Lipstick Options from ESTÉE LAUDER 2




  • BY TERRY Ombre Blackstar #6 Frozen Quartz ( base )
  • BURBERRY Sheer Eyeshadow Tea Rose No.11 and BURBERRY Tea Rose No.200 Eye Colour Wet&Dry Silk Shadow ( the new formula )
  • SEPHORA Colorful Matte Strawberry Macaroon No.42
  • CHARLOTTE TILBURY The Sophisticate Eyeshadow Palette shade Enhance ( transitional colour ) and Prime ( to highlight )
  • DIOR Diorliner Precision Eyeliner #798 Brun
  • CHANEL Le Volume de Chanel Mascara Waterproof 10 Black over the TARTE Lights, Camera Splashes Mascara, as always


  •  shade Enhance combined with the shade Smoke from CHARLOTTE TILBURY‘s The Sophisticate Palette


  • ESTÉE LAUDER Pure Color Envy Lipstick 210 Implusive in the picture above, and in the picture below I’m wearing 130 Intense Nude, since I’ve promised you some lip swatches for them in this post here.

annie's beauty... FOTD Spring Pinks & 2 Nude Lipstick Options from ESTÉE LAUDER 3

I hope you’ll excuse the “unfortunate” natural lighting I had to work with the day I shoot these looks, but the best thing is that I haven’t applied any filters to these pictures! I hope you like them!

Please let me know if your makeup chromatic changed with the changing of the season as well, and which are your favourite shades as of late!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie



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Breaking news! CHARLOTTE TILBURY – New excinting launches coming soon!!!


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Miss Charlotte sure does know how to make a girl happy!

After the announcement of the new Hot Lips line of lipsticks launching at the beginning of this summer ( see all the new shades and all the details you need, here ) and the #lipstick confidence campaign a while back, Charlotte Tilbury has a couple more new and exciting brand new products launching soon as well!


This is the new The 5-Minute Face On-The-Go – the “instant look in a palette”. This is a very compact palette, made out of Charlotte Tilbury‘s most selled/essential products… And I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that if you haven’t tried her Filmstar Bronze & Glow ( one of my favourite bronzing and highlighting products; my review here ), you can find it here along with three gorgeous eyeshadows and a Swish & Pop Blusher ( read the review on my Charlotte Tilbury blushes, here )…

Definitely a lot to try and definitely enough for some natural or smoky makeup looks, good to achieve that “weekend face” effortlessly.

The 5-Minute Face On-The-Go will be available starting next week, 11th of April and it retails for the price of 49£ / 69€.

For those of you that are a bit too impatient, it’s already available on preorder here, until midnight tonight!

You’re welcome!


Another new product coming out soon is the Legendary Brow, a brow definer with the tiniest brush and a special formulation, meant to give your eyebrow the most natural definition without that “Instagram brows” fake effect we’re seeing everywhere lately. If you don’t know what I mean, please check this post here! You’ll definitely have a good laugh!

This tiny brush, and the packaging itself, was designed to pick up the right amount of product and deposit it on the tiniest hairs you “had no idea they were there”! And who doesn’t want effortlessly natural, full and awesome eyebrows without looking like a clown?!

And the last Charlotte Tilbury product and the one I’m personally the most excited about, is The Legendary Lashes Mascara. I’m obsessed with mascara and if I choose not to wear makeup one day, I definitely apply at least a tiny coat of that and some lip balm and I’m ready to face the world!

The Legendary Lashes it has special waxes in it that will instantly give you the aspect of individually applied false lashes, but in the most natural way! It coats the lashes, it builds up the volume around them, forcing them to lift up and stay like that all day.

… At least that’s what it promises! And I have never used a Charlotte Tilbury product that didn’t honoured its promises this far! Anyway, I’m all after that “open-eye/bright awake” look, especially in certain mornings when sleep is not enough!

This mascara will be available from the 6th of May 2016 on.

Shh-Coming-Soon legendary lashes Charlotte Tilbury annie's beauty...

These are for now the new exciting launches Charlotte Tilbury worked on for the longest time and is now ready to delight us with!

What do you think? Which one caught your attention?

As always, thanks for reading!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie






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The By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eye Crayons – annie’s beauty… Collection


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annie's beauty... By Terry Ombre Blackstar Blond Opal, Misty Rock, Frozen Quartz, Beyond Gold, Brown Perfection 1

I really think that no matter how many of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar “Color-Fix” Cream Eye Shadow I might have in my collection, I will always consider that they’re not enough!

The By Terry Ombre Blackstar Fard Fondant Regard ( oh, how cute they sound in French!!! ) have really summed up my eyeshadow use for the first half of the past year! But then at the beginning of the summer a new entry stole my entire attention – the Limited Edition Tom Ford Cream and Powder Color 03 Golden Peach, which after all this time I’m still using as an eye makeup base!

annie's beauty... By Terry Ombre Blackstar Blond Opal, Misty Rock, Frozen Quartz, Beyond Gold, Brown Perfection 2

Bach to the stars of this post now!

I have them in:

  • 3 Blond Opal – a beautiful luminous, pure gold, summery shade which makes such an impact on tanned skin! It’s my absolute favourite golden shade to use for the inner corners of my eyes, to bring some brightness and dimension.
  • 5 Misty Rock is probably the most known and talked about from all the OBS! It’s the perfect balance of taupe, purples and metallic… Such an effortless everyday colour! I have a swatch comparison for Misty Rock with some other taupes in my makeup collection here; but as you can easily see if you click the link, it somehow manages to stand out from all of them!
  • 6 Frozen Quartz is the most recent addition to the collection and it’s a beautiful peachy pink, luminous colour that looks so so flattering on all eyes. You’ll see more of it soon!
  • 11 Beyond Gold is a warm, metallic intense, deep gold which compliments a tan to perfection. One swipe of this on the lids a little blending and you’re done for the day!
  • 13 Brown Perfection is the most neutral of all the shades that I own! It’s a deep, true, dark chocolate shade that’s essential in the crease. If the other shades of the OBS I own have a high sheen to them, Brown Perfection is almost matte but with a beautiful luminosity, still…

annie's beauty... By Terry Ombre Blackstar Blond Opal, Misty Rock, Frozen Quartz, Beyond Gold, Brown Perfection 3

Here you have them swatched side by side… From bottom to top: 3 Blond Opal11 Beyond Gold5 Misty Rock, 6 Frozen Quartz, and 13 Brown Perfection.

Aren’t they beautiful!?

It’s true that these aren’t the only shadow sticks on the market! It’s also true that they aren’t the most unique shades either… But I have to admit that these come in  my absolute favourite formula from all the brands that I have tried!

I absolutely adore using cream eyeshadows when the weather gets hot ( we’re not quite there yet here, in Romania but we’re definitely getting closer, thank goodness! ) and these By Terry shadow sticks are incredibly creamy, pigmented, long lasting, come with the most amazing consistency and in the most beautiful range of colours one can ask for! One more thing! Once applied and set, they won’t be transferring anywhere on your face, no matter how hot and humid the weather is, or how oily your eyelids are! With just one swipe, they will literally glide on the lids, leaving behind the most beautifully pigmented trace of colour, that you can easily bring to the intensity you wish, using your favourite blending brush!

They’re excellent for the “one-product-eye-makeup-look” which all of us prefer, from various reasons! But layered, in one colour for a maximum of intensity or several shades combined, will give you a really chic eye, with a minimum of effort!

So happy to have finally been able to post this complete review on my little collection of By Terry Ombre Blackstar eye crayons! I’ve been using them for such a long time and at a certain point I started thinking that I’m completely selfish and that I’m keeping them only for my personal pleasure!…

But no! Here you have them! And I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my experience with them as well!

As always, thanks for reading, Beautiful! And…

See you soon!

xx, Annie






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Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest


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Yet another fabulous event hosted by my absolute favourite beauty supplier in town, Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest. They carry some of my favourite brands makeup, skincare and perfume-wise… Plus, the guys there are the most lovely persons I have ever met in retail this far! Thanks to them the atmosphere is warm and cozy, and it feels like we all know each other since… forever! 

I love By Terry as a brand in general! And this event was the very icing on the cake! So I asked the lovely Alexandra if I could be her canvas and her the talented artist… And she was talented indeed! Scroll down to follow the entire makeup process and see the final result! 

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...13

And feel free to contact her at any time, whenever you have an event and need to look dashing… Or if you’re just in the Dorobanti area and want to spend some quality time!… You’ll thank me later!

[ To book your appointment, you can find Alexandra‘s contacts, as well as her colleagues’ on Madison‘s website! ]

While Alex was busy retouching my friend’s makeup, of course I had to play with all the goodies in front of me! I loved these two Sun Designer Paletteblush/bronzer/highlighting palettes ( which Alex used on me as well! ) which didn’t impressed me much when they first launched… I have to say that they’re infinite more beautiful in real life than on the Internet, and their quality is out of this world gorgeous… Pigmented, finely milled, they blend flawlessly and look amazing on! Definitely recommend them!

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...2

I also loved the new two shades of the Ombre Blackstars that came out with their Spring 2016 Collection: Bubble Glow ( which will definitely be a purchase soon! ) and Nude Milky Way!

And now I also want The Colour Design Palette, which is absolutely fabulous for the upcoming seasons due to the beautiful colour selection in it!

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...1Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...5 Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...4

Just look how pretty my friend looks here! Isn’t Alex extremely talented?!

Next it was my turn to be spoiled by our “artist” here…

First of all, she prepared my skin taking my own makeup off and applying a very hydrating cream, as my skin is in big need of that with the changing of the seasons and all the allergies…

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...6

Then she applied my base ( the coveted Terrybly Densiliss foundation ) with this funny little brush! And good gracious!… It was the most amazing experience ever! The brush is so dense, made with the softest synthetic hairs, that apply your base in a matter of seconds giving you, at the same time, the most relaxing face massage you’ve ever experienced!…

You’ll see me with my eyes closed in most of the pictures, so there! Now you know why! I kind of enjoyed this whole experience a lot, and I’m grateful to Alex for that!

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...7 Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...8

It was my first contact with Jane Iredale products and this powder foundation Alex used to set my makeup and correct any imperfection, is heaven on earth!… Definitely a brand I’ll have my attention on in the future!

Their setting spray was also lovely , as it made my makeup look flawless and kept it intact for hours!

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...21

The eye makeup Alex did on me was fabulous! A very soft smokey eye, with soft pinks and browns and a green pop of colour on the waterline and the lower lash line! A lot of blending was involved, a lot of colour applied and re-applied in small doses… Until everything looked effortlessly natural.

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...9 Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...11 Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...10 Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...14Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...12

Here you can see her applying the green mascara on the lower lash line!

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...16

Contouring, highlighting and blusher time!… Those two Sun Designer Palettes are on the very top of my wish list now!

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...15

The last retouches!…

… And finally the lips! She used this Terrybly Velvet Rouge Lipstick in shade 1 Lady Bare, a beautiful brown nude colour that pulled the entire look together!

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...17

And the look was complete!

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...3

Now we were able to knock ourselves out and fool around doing some silly selfies… As one does nowadays! We’re cool kids, what do you know! Haha!…

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...19 Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...18 Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...20

Of course, being the most generous person I know she always is, Alex gave me and my friend a lot of samples to try out… Which I can attest they are amazing! This firming cream from Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy, a brand totally new to me, exceeded all my expectations! So soft and fast absorbing, nourishes the skin instantly!

Oh! And I also need the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil as it is… well… fabulous indeed!

Glam Weekend with By Terry at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest annie's beauty...22

Another awesome beauty event with Madison Perfumery!… Another day well-spent!… And some new memories were made next to some of the loveliest friends one can ask for!

Thank you guys for being fabulous!

… And thank you so much my Beautiful readers for always being here, so close to me on this beauty journey of mine!

See you soon!

xx, Annie





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Loving nudes #12: Same gorgeous colour, two different brands… TOM FORD & ESTÉE LAUDER


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Loving nudes #12 1

#Loving nudes times 12!

This time is a different one from the usual nude discoveries! This time I want to call to your attention these two lovely shades, extremely similar not only in colour, but in both texture and finish! What makes the difference it’s only the brand they’re labelled under, which obviously dictates the packaging the product comes in…

One is an all-time favourite of mine, the Tom Ford Lip Color in 07 Pink Dusk and the other one ir a fairly recent discovery and it’s the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy 210 Implulsive.

So, yeah! They’re definitely luxury dupes for one another! 

Loving nudes #12 2

As you can hopefully see in the pictures above, both come in this beautifully universal nude-pink shade, one of the creamiest formulation I have ever tried, amazing pigmentation and a finish that in our beauty world we call a creamy luminous matte, something between a matte and a cream, but with a bit of luminosity given not by quite some sparkle or a glossy finish, but a luminosity that “comes from within” – if you prefer more of a prosaic expression… They even have the same vanillary scent!

The application of both is so smooth and easy, you won’t have issues with applying either one if you’re on the go and you need to touch up a bit. They literally glide onto the lips, nourishing them with the amazing ingredients both have in their composition ( a blend of beneficial oils and natural extracts ). Both last a good couple of hours on the lips, but they need some retouching now and then!

To see how Pink Dusk and Impulsive look swatched and compared to other nudes in my collection ( which, by all mean, aren’t a few! just a fair warning! ), make sure you check these complete reviews I previously wrote here and here.

Great luxury options, right?! And how unbelievably similar they are!?

I know how hard is to find a dupe for an already excellent product!… What dupes like mine here, have you discovered this far? Please share them in the Comment section below! I’m extremely curious to discover your finds!

I hope you had an awesome weekend this far and that you’ll have a bright week ahead!

As always thanks for reading and see you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie


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Beauty Facts: Perfume – How To Make Your Favourite Fragrance Last Longer…


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Seasonal Favourites Summer 2015anniesbeautyblog2annie's beauty... MFK Amyris

The fact I’m going to expose next, I’m absolutely positive happened to all of us at least once, at a certain point in our lives!

So… You went into your favourite perfumery, fell head over heels for a certain perfume, and since you couldn’t imagine life without wearing it everyday, you had to bring it home with you! Such a happy kid you were! But when you spritz it on, guess what?!… It disappeared before you knew it! “What you did wrong?!”, you start asking yourself… “Where did it went?!” That’s going to be another unsolved mystery!…

Or maybe not! Because I’m going to try to explain in “poor words” what actually happened!

First of all, my lovelies, perfumes are made out of volatile essences, ingredients which in contact with our skin are activated, and become… well!… volatile, what do you know!?!?!?! ( for those who didn’t knew, the root of the word “Volatile traces back to the Latin verb volare, which means “to fly” – according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary ). So bye-bye, perfume!

The main “culprit”, responsible for this unhappy event always happening, is actually the “heat” of our own body… Which is also influenced by a handful of factors: weather, temperature, blood pressure, food… Yes, food! It is well known that meat eaters have a body temperature a bit higher that vegetarians, that’s why the same perfume smells differently on different persons!

It’s what’s called “different PH”! But in fact, it’s all about chemistry!

So, here’s what you need to do for your perfumes to last longer on you:

  1. make sure you apply perfume after a shower or a long bath! Scents last longer on moist skins, “when all your pores are opened”. So feel free to dose yourself in perfume after drying off with your towel, but before you’re getting dressed!
  2. place a couple of spritzes “strategically”. The “hottest points ” of your body are the ones you should apply your perfume on: neck, behind your ears, inside of your elbows, cleavage, stomach, back of your knees… Be careful though when you tend to slather yourself in perfume… It’s kind of essential for other people to still breathe while you’re around! No need to cover all there areas either, the most recommended are: back of your ears, inside of your elbows and knees, areas that favor evaporation, so the fragrance will be released continuously throughout the day!
  3. DON’T “rub” your fragrance! You’ll only heat the area and “break” the particles of fragrance in smaller divisions, which will volatilize even faster.
  4. double your perfume with a body lotion with the same scent!
  5. use your perfume in your hair… also sparingly, because perfume can be drying!… and you know, people need to breathe… still!…
  6. look after your perfumes! Make sure you deposit them in proper storage conditions, away from light and heat, which will cause them to break down sooner than expected! And by no means, don’t keep your perfumes in the shower!
  7. my favourite “trick”: layer your perfumes! Make your favourite scent smell even better by combining  softer, airy scents with strong and longer-lasting ones ( just an example! )! Like that you’ll give them body, make them last longer and why not, create your own perfume that will only smell like… YOU! Be unique!
  8. feel free to take your favourite perfume with you and freshen up during the day! for that you have perfume atomisers and perfumes perfume refills with their own fancy cases check some options here and here, like my MFK Amyris Femme photographed above.

annie's beauty... TRAVALO

How many of these “tricks and tips” were new to you, Beautiful? Do you have other ones to share with me?

Until next time…

See you soon!

xx, Annie





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BURBERRY Fresh Glow Foundation SPF 15 PA+++, shade Ochre No.20


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Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation SPF 15 PA+++ – Ochre No.20 anniesbeauty...2

The BURBERRY Fresh Glow Foundation SPF 15 PA+++ came out on the market a while back, and it sucessfully replaced in the top of my preferences, the now discontinued Burberry Sheer Foundation, which used to be a favourite of mine for the spring and summer months! I used to have that one in the colour No.04 Trench, if I’m remembering well!

Then, two years ago, another Burberry face base was launched ( the Burberry Fresh Glow B.B. Cream – the best B.B. I had the chance to try, even better than Dior and even Estée Lauder… I know, bold statement there, which I obvioulsy assume! See for yourself what I mean in this post here! ) and made me forget about my Sheer, which eventually went out of date somewhere in the depths of my makeup drawers, and I had to dispose of it!

Long story short, I was extremely happy to see that Burberry “brings my favourite back”, be it in another form, with another name and other shade range ( which to be completely honest, was a little bit of a nightmare to match myself to, since for my Sheer in Tench, I got matched to in Milan, at the Burberry counter from La Rinascente, in Piazza Duomo… ).

Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation SPF 15 PA+++ – Ochre No.20 anniesbeauty...3

The formula of the BURBERRY Fresh Glow Foundation SPF 15 PA+++ is comfortable, and gives that no-makeup-look I adore. It’s also very beneficial for the skin, as the formula features “vitamins and moisturising extracts ( Burberry’s signature blend of rosehip, tea and lavender extract ) to help keep skin hydrated for up to eight hours and enhance skin suppleness”. Plus it’s packed with anti-oxidants and sunscreens factors to “help protect against the damaging effects of the sun.”, being free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates.

It has medium buildable satin coverage and a natural-looking finish, it’s light, which I prefer my bases to be, and exquisitely dewey, very close to the radiance of natural daylight!…

On certain complexions, this might give the illusion of an oily look… But if you ask me, it’s just an excessive dewey-ness, which I personally prefer in my face bases! I love the aspect of an healthy-looking complexion, especially during the hot months of the year and to balance everything out, I like to keep the rest on my makeup as matte as possible! I’m thinking matte eyes and matte lips!… It’s only a personal preference though, as I think matte foundation makes my complexion look powdery, chalky and pretty much old.

I found that it applies best with my Tom Ford #02 Creamy Foundation Brush and with my damp Beauty Blender to uniformize the colour and the finish! I go with my Beauty Blender over the brush application, because I found out that like that the foundation doesn’t accentuate pores or cling onto any eventual dry patches I have!

Also, this is the kind of foundation you need to give it time to set, then apply your other powder products: setting powder, contour, highlight, blusher and finishing powder.

This colour I own, Ochre No.20, has a lot more pink undertones in it than I usually go for, but when blended out, it somehow manages to give me a beautiful, luminous look, and a bit of a tan as well!

You can see me wearing it in this post here!

Can’t wait for the warmer weather to be here, to get some colour onto my pale slin and to properly wear this foundation again!

Well, it’s also almost gone! So, I’m waiting for your recommendations!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie



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AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES Bath Jewels – SPA, relaxation time… at home!


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Aromatherapy Associates Bath Jewels annie's beauty...2

I love a good bath! I like my steamy water, I like my bubbles, I like my oils, bath salts and my candles lit all-over the place! I like to relax and enjoy a moment with myself, in an atmosphere that’s cozy and relaxing!

And now’s when the Aromatherapy Associates Bath Jewels come in hand!

This is a trio that came out around Christmas, made of a selection of their most loved and most sold, award-winning bath and shower oils: the De-Stress Mind, the Deep Relax and the Revive Morning. They come in this little and extremely cute glass bottles, filled with 9 ml of the blissful aroma of the of the purest essential oils, which will transform your every bathing experience into the most luxurious, SPA-like experience…

Aromatherapy Associates Bath Jewels annie's beauty...3

Deep Relax is meant for a peaceful night’s sleep, De-Stress Mind to focus the thoughts and Revive Morning to awaken the senses. The first two really helped me to keep at bay my insomnia, which showed up its ugly face around Christmas time, therefore they are my most used out of the three.

The Deep Relax Oil uses the extraordinary benefits of vetiver, camomile and sandalwood extracts which combined, calms you down after a day when you’re always on the move and gives you the absolute feeling of well-being.

The De-Stress Mind helps clearing your mind, sharpening your thoughts due to the amazing “awakening” powers of frankincense, petitgrain, wild camomile and rosemary. You won’t feel sleepy, on the contrary in your mind all the “pieces of the puzzle” will fall in their right places effortlessly.

The Revive Morning Oil is a blend meant to wake you up in the mornings! It has refreshing pink-grapefruit, rosemary and juniper extracts meant to help you cast away the “morning laziness”, preparing you for the new day! 

As you can see all the oils have natural ingredients, that smell earthy and herbaly. It’s a strong scent though, and if your not the biggest fan of strong scents this might actually take you by surprise! You only need the tiniest amount of product and your whole house will smell like a SPA…

… definitely an experience you’ll want to reenact again and again!

What about you, Beautiful? Have you tried any Aromatherapy Associates products? Do you have any recommendations?

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction into the Aromatherapy Associates world, throughout my own experience!

See you soon!

xx, Annie



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URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Concealer, shade Light Neutral – Review


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UD Naked Skin NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer annie's beauty... 1

The URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Concealer Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is one of those products I ended up purchasing because of the hype it got in our beauty community!

[ It actually took me quite some time to buy it, mainly because I couldn’t find an actual match online before Urban Decay launched here, in Romania and when I could finally swatch it in person at one of their counters. Then there’s also, my NARS Radiand Creamy Concealer which is pure perfection – here I am, another beauty blogger that compares the two!?!?!!!! Can’t help it since it’s: perfect shade Light2 Vanilla, perfect consistency, behaves exceptionally throughout the entire wearing time… Probably the best I have used to date! ]

So of course, I was curious to know what all the hype was about!…

UD Naked Skin NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer annie's beauty... 2

For a Neutral shade, Light Neutral has definitely a lot more peachy-pink undertones, and it’s warmer than I expected! Don’t get me wrong! It does work wonders at hiding those dark circles after a “long” night out, or if you didn’t get enough sleep for whatever reason! And I sure know what I’m talking about…

As for the formulation the Naked Skin Concealer is more liquid and runny in consistency than the Creamy Concealer from NARS, and I found myself often in the situation of applying too much thinking it was the same quantity I usually applied from my NARS one. Well, it was too much indeed and nothing to say – it did blended like a dream, but it somehow gave me that unnatural appearance, which I’m not very found of!

Not to mention that after a couple of hours I could clearly see it gather and settle in all those “wonderful” lines around my eyes, ageing me, with all my efforts of remediating it with powder!

Attention! I never carried powder with me before starting using this!

One more thing! Again, because of its consistency I also find it kind of messy… Might sound weird, but every single darn time I open it, there have to be little drops of product that find it amusing to fly all-over my vanity, mirror, my silk blouse, etc. … Not that I’m not clumsy and things like this don’t happen on a daily basis! But… just saying!

UD Naked Skin NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer annie's beauty... 3

Here you have the Naked Skin Concealer swatched near the Radiant Creamy Concealer! Notice the difference in shade ( which of course, its the most obvious! ), but also the difference of consistency! The NARS one is lighter, creamier and brightening, while the Naked one is more about concealing… and that would be it!

Take note that it definitely does an amazing job at concealing… But mainly for the eye area/issues! For the rest of the face you’ll definitely need a stronger one, like NARS!

One more thing I just remembered! Once the Urban Decay Nakes Skin concealer dries completely, it does change its colour a bit, and you definitely need to wait for it to set for a couple of minutes before locking it in with powder!

Works well applied with my Tom Ford #03 Eyeshadow and Concealer Brush, but I definitely need to go over with my mini Beauty Blender ( so cuuute?!?! ) after that for a smoother application and to take away the eventual excess of product, but I get the best application by using my own fingers!


  • I wanted to keep this review as far as I could from all the technical details ( shade descriptions, formulation, ingredients, etc. ), I just wanted to share with you my most genuine thoughts about it!
  •  I definitely like this UD Concealer and I will continue using it, but I’m still considering wether I’ll repurchase another one or not… when I already placed an order for my Creamy Concealer – I simply cannot live without it!
  • the NARS Creamy Concealer is more versatile, has a better range of colours to choose from and I love it being “creamy” more than the “liquid” consistency of the Naked Skin
  • I’m happy to have purchased and tried the Naked Skin, now I can tell there’s a difference between the two and know what works best for me…

That doesn’t mean it will have to be the same for you, Beautiful! Maybe you absolutely hate the NARS Creamy Conceler and love the Urban Decay Naked! To each their own!

If you tried any of these two, please let me know what you thing about them in the Comments section below! I’m I applying the Naked Skin wrong?

See you soon!

xx, Annie





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The CHARLOTTE TILBURY Mini K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick Trio: So Marilyn, Penelope Pink & Bitch Perfect


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Christmas 2015 Gift Guide anniesbeautyblog1

In honour of the new Charlotte Tilbury Hot Line Lipsticks exciting summer launch ( save the date for 27th June 2016, exclusively at their Flagship Store in Covent Garden, London and online ), I have another lipstick review for you, from the K.I.S.S.I.G. Fallen From The Lipstick Tree line… Just to keep your excitement levels at bay!

[ You have no idea what Hot Line Lipsticks is all about, make sure you read everything you need to know in this post, here! ]

CT Mini annie's beauty...1

Back onto today’s review!

This is Charlotte Tilbury’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Fallen From The Lipstick Tree Mini Lipstick Charms, a little ( and I literally mean it!? ) trio made of some of her most loved shades: the best seller B*tch Perfect, Penelope Pink and So Marilyn, which will be part of the new Hot Lips line. I already wrote a review on So Marilyn, along with two other gorgeous shades Coachella Coral and Velvet Underground ) sometime last year, so check that blog post here, for more info and swatches.

This little trio comes out every year around Christmas time, with the purpose of being the cutest stocking filler a lady can receive! Therefore you’ll see it in my 2015 Christmas Gift Guide, as one of my picks!

CT Mini annie's beauty...3

Alright now! So, there’s still B*tch Perfect and Penelope Pink left to review!

B*tch Perfect is one of the most unilversal nude lipsticks I have ever seen! No wonder it has a cult that follows it, in our beauty world! It’s so easy to wear, due to its neutral coaral-y shade, but it definitely shows a lot of pink hues and warm undertones – which make it more suitable to different skin tones!

Penelope Pink is another neutral shade, that despite of what its name suggests it can be described as a nude beige, with slight pink undertones! B*tch Perfect is definitely more pink than Penelope Pink, as you will be able so see soon in another blog post soon!

As for So Marilyn, it’s one of the most beautiful classic reds all women should wear at least once! But I already wrote a detalied review on it, with swatches and all… Read here!

They come in  the most comfortable, creamy formula that nourish the lips ( they’re not drying at all! ), as well as giving them a very satisfactory saturation in colour, being opaque with very few swipes ( on my pigmented lips like mine, that is! ). The finish is creamy, with a bit of a sheen which makes them more sensual! The scent is a very soft vanilary one, that fades after a minute or so…

Read more about all the technical details, regarding the formulation and the ingredients used, in this post here!

With the promise of a full swatch post coming soon, I’m wishing you an awesome week ahead!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie




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