Daniel Wellington Watches – So that you can never loose track of time!



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photo 5 copy

Classic! Timeless! Vintage!

Daniel Wellington loves classic… and timeless… and vintage! The eggshell-white clock face and those minimalist bars, its feminine pink-gold or elegant and sober silver dial, the straps that come in a variety of models from the extremely classy and sophisticate leather to more colorful and playful ones ( the NATO straps ), with a logo embossed buckle… This is the accurate description of a vintage watch, but modern at the same time! The modern accent, is given by the particularity of its dial size: 36/40 mm in diameter! Another modern feature, and a more practical one, is its great finesse in height. This watch has a thickness of only 6 mm, a real innovation for a watch with a case this wide!  

Inspired by Daniel Wellington, the British gentleman with an incredible sense of fashion, when he put the bases of his first collection, the founder Filip Tysander wanted to come out on the market with a product that reflects symmetry and that has a thinner casing, that it could bring the watch closer to the wrist! A thin, refined and perfectly round watch, on the same Nato strap his inspiring friend loved to wear his watches on. Minimalistic, without many details he gave his watches the same ability of being gentlemanly but still relaxed and unpretentious! 

photo 2 copy photo 1 copy

My choice: the 40 mm Classic Southampton Lady watch in rose-gold, with blue, pink and white Nato strap, eggshell-white face and Quartz Japan Citizen 1L22 movement is the right piece for me! My style is casual-elegant and this piece is classic, yet modern but definitely an elegant touch to all my outfits! I can wear it at the office, for a meeting or while wearing jeans on a dinner with friends.

photo 4 copy photo 3 copy

Remember that only until the 30th of September you can buy your own Daniel Wellington watch using the 15% discount code anniesbeauty, at check out!

Have a lovely weekend, beautiful! See you soon!

xx, Annie





- Sean Connery, another big fan of the Nato strap, wore one in the James Bond movie “Goldfinger”.


BURBERRY Light Glow in #02 Cameo and #06 Tangerine, two beautiful blushes for autumn


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photo 4 copy

Yesterday I posted this picture on my Instagram account with the caption: ” You stack your jewellery, I stack my… Burberry :D :P ” and many of you seemed to like it = me happy! Haha!

I have always loved Burberry ( can you tell?! ) but everything went down the hill this Monday, when during London Fashion Week Burberry presented the latest Prorsum Womenswear S/S 2015 Collection, called The Birds and the Bees. I am so obsessed with this collection and the makeup Wendy Rowe created that I will write a post dedicated to this event soon!

That aside, since it is Autumn already, I thought it would be the right time to give you two Burberry blush ideas to wear this season.

photo 5 copy

The Burberry Light Glow Blush is a lightweight blush which is meant to give your skin a healthy fresh glow without making it look shiny or glittery. It manages to do this thanks to the silicone particles in its formula which provide an effortless and even application, plus the wild rose extract and its moisturizing benefits. The result is a complexion that glows with natural looking radiance.

Here I have the #02 Cameo and #06 Tangerine.

photo 7 copy

I can describe #02 Cameo as a medium dusty-rose colour with very subtle plummy undertones which were soooo difficult to to catch on camera; hopefully you can sense them too! Looking at it in direct sunlight you can detect small particles of shimmer which will not translate when applied on the cheeks whatsoever. On the cheeks it appears matte but somehow manages to give a discreet satin finish that lends a luminous sheen to your skin.

photo 6 copy

The same finish you can detect on #06 Tangerine. As the name suggests, Tangerine is more of an orange coloured blush but that is not the only colour that comes in my mind when I am looking at it. It is close to tangerine in colour but it is muted down by the soft pink undertones which make it so wearable for both cooler or warmer skin tones.

Next you have the two blushes swatched on my arm and on my cheeks. Please notice the pigmentation and the amazing colours. A swipe is enough for a natural look but is so easily buildable to a more daring look.

photo 1 copy – Burberry Light Glow #02 Cameo ( left ) and #06 Tangerine ( right )

photo 3 copy – Burberry Light Glow #02 Cameo

photo 2 copy – Burberry Light Glow #06 Tangerine

The texture of these blushes is buttery soft which allows such an easy blending – no need to worry you will be left with a harsh line on your face because they “strech” and blend in with a seamless result. And it is impossible to overdo your blush with them!

The packaging is gorgeous! So eye-catching, sleek and elegant, that well-known and appreciated sober British elegance…

As you can see in the pictures above, the Burberry checked signature print is on the packaging and on the powder as well.

As for the signature powdery-rose Burberry makeup scent, which many are bothered by, I personally like it! It wears off in a matter of minutes where the blush lasts on your skin for over 7 hours.

Have you tried these blushes yet?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie







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My dearest Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder and blushes lovers! BIG new for us!

FINALLY! The Limited Edition Ambient Lighting Blush Palette I previously announced in this post along with a small review, WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE as an early access for Sephora VIB Rouge members ONLY starting 9/19, while stock last! So remember to stalk your Sephora website.

It will also be available for purchase on Hourglass’ website, starting 1/10.


Here you have the official announcement, as seen on Hourglass’ Facebook page:

Your favorite Ambient Lighting Blush shades are now packaged together in a sleek compact as a limited edition palette for Holiday 2014. Early access is available on 9/19 on Sephora.com for VIB Rouge members, while stocks last, and will be available on hourglasscosmetics.com on 10/1.

Shop early access: http://bit.ly/1BKjbQq

The link above will redirect you to the Sephora website where you can order it before anyone else… if you are a Sephora VIB Rouge that is!

Happy shopping, beautiful!

See you soon!

xx, Annie






Disclaimer: all the photographic material is property of Hourglass Cosmetics!

L’OCCITANE – 2014 Bag Essentials


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The things a woman carries in her bag!?…

It is a mystery even for herself how the smallest bag can carry so many things… And let us clarify one thing: everything in there is necessary ( yeah, sure!!!). No wonder a woman can not find a thing in her bag when she needs it the most!!!

And being the woman that I am, my bag is a mess too – to use an elegant term!

So the seasons changed – we are half way through September, already?! I felt like I needed a change. So, since the classic haircut was not enough this year, I felt it would be the right time to change my bag!

While going through the stuff in my “summer bag”, I came up with the idea of this post. Why not to let you guys know which were my absolute essentials for the hot, summer days… Between me and you, it seems like summer was not enough this year!


At a closer look, the products I found inside my bag are most of them from the  L’Occitane Verveine Collection. Étrange coïncidence!

I absolutely love the Verveine range from L’Occitane. So refreshing! And the scent is so zesty, and citrusy even though the verveine is not part of the citrus family. And before I forget, this scent complimented so well my favourite summer perfume – the Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien. If you do not know what I am talking about, here is the link to the review of this amazing, gorgeous, unique perfume! 


In the picture above you can see the actual products that “lived” in my bag this summer.

From left to right I had:

- a mini roll-on perfume to apply whenever I needed to freshen up a little… and did not managed to “locate” my Travalo with my Annick Goutal fragrance – two perfumes = double the chance to find my perfume in that hot mess

- a hand sanitizer – not much to say about it. A hand sanitizer is… a hand sanitizer!

- a lightweight hand cream – this one is simply amazing! No greasy residue, no tacky hands, no weird after scent, no feeling like I need to wash my hands after the application, it absorbs in a matter of seconds. It instantly became my go-to/ holy grail hand cream for summer

- a face mist – not going to talk much about this one since I have a full post dedicated to it and the other face mists I used this summer, read it here. And believe me, from all the face mists you will see in that post, I have so little left in that L’Occitane can and bit in my Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray bottle

- and the last item, missing from the picture though, was a pack of wet wipes from the same Verveine Collection. Those were the first to go, but I always make sure I have a new pack with me when the weather is hot.

photo 2 copy

I also carried with me a travel size of the L’Occitane Frisson de Verveine Shower Gel instead of a hand soap and from the same line, the Refreshing Gel for tired feet. Ladies, you are wearing heels too! You know what tired feet mean, right?

Which were your bag essentials this summer, beautiful? Please share!

See you soon!

xx, Annie



Charlotte Tilbury’s The Sophisticate – Sophisticate enough to wear it every day…


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The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty line is not new to me. When it first launched at Selfridges in London, I had a friend kind enough to pick up this palette for me… along with a few more items.

photo 2 copy

Charlotte Tilbury is the makeup artist of oh, so many! celebrities and the one behind the glamorous red lip and black liner iconic Kate Moss look. She is the feline flick – cat eye – ’70s Brigitte Bardot inspired sultry makeup look queen. She is a beautiful woman with an amazing personality! And her calling everyone “darling” with that gorgeous British accent… Ah! Just makes me love her even more!

Her makeup and skin care range of products is getting wider and wider, and with her #MakeupRevolution finally crossing the ocean on the 2nd of September ( you, lucky beautiful ones! ), I thought that it would have been just about the right time to review one of my favourite makeup items I got this year.

This is Charlotte Tilbury‘s The Sophisticate Luxury Palette Colour-Coded Eye Shadows!

photo 5 copy

It comes with four neutral matte shades centered around earthy tones of chocolate, taupe and tan, with a cream-in-powder texture that is enriched with natural oils and silicon-treated pearls. Each colour blends effortless and seamlessly, giving away the most amazing pigmentation and a true-to-colour application on the eye lid, which will make you look naturally polished and effortlessly chic, and glamorous at the same time.

photo 3 copy

The harmonious mix of colours offer a complete “desk to disco” eye colour wardrobe which makes it so easy to use. You can go for a day time, soft neutral look, very much work appropriate which I did when I was in Milan, but you can also put a bit more effort into it and create a gorgeous eye makeup for a night out drinking an “apperitivo”!

Inside the palette you will find a very nice light cream, a flesh-tone option to use as an all-over the lid base ( I love this one, I wish it had been a bit more pigmented though! ), a soft neutral tan brown which makes a good transitional colour as well as an all-over the lid base, a darker chocolate brown with slight red undertones, and the last one is a smokey-grey, with brown undertones – a beautiful taupe colour great for a smokey eye.

photo 1 copy

The packaging gives away a retro vibe ( I totally adore that, especially on her lipsticks! ) and I absolutely love the reddish-brown and the rose-gold details together. Sleek and dainty, it closes with that satisfactory high end makeup clasp! You know what I am saying, right?!

The philosophy behind the Charlotte Tilbury brand can be easily resumed to this simple declaration: “It is my artistry made effortless!” And yes, you are sophisticate enough to wear Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup effortlessly, just the way she stated even if you are not a makeup artist!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie

Diptyque Infused Facial Water for the Face – a very late review


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It has been quite a while since I posted something skin care-related!

But my skin care routine is different during the hotter months of the year. I use less harsh, more lightweight products!  Plus I had some amazing skin care to try ( *hint hint: Omorovicza* ), then kind of forgot about this one. But now with the seasons changing and this transitional weather, my skin gives me signs it needs a change too! So it is time to take out the big guns!


This is the Diptyque Infused Facial Water for the Face! It is part of the L’Art du Soin skin care system Diptyque came out with this early Spring. I bought the Infused Water when I bought the Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm for the Face and the Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder for the Face, both previously reviewed ( click the links ).


The Diptyque Facial Water is just my kind of face water! Since I gave up on using water from the sink to wash my face, morning and evening, I have noticed a big improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin. What I do is to soak a cotton pad with this water and apply it on my face, using gentle motions. It takes off all the dead cells, grease or any impurities. I also have noticed that my pores are less visible too!

This product counts double in the economy of my skin care routine: as a cleanser and as a toner.


The Diptique Infused Facial Water is, in fact, an infused water to use on your face. Its particularity is that it is enriched  with Rosa Damascena hydrosol* and infused with Nasturitium, plus a blend of nine traditional plants and flower extracts. It acts like a treatment to bring back radiance to your complexion, it revitalizes and energizes the skin, getting it ready for the next step in your skin care routine.

What about you? Do you have problems with your skin in this transitional weather? If so, what are your recommendations in terms of products?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie



*hydrosol = aqueous products of distillation

*Rosa Damascena hydrosol = rose water, the hydrosol portion of the distillate of rose petals, a by-product of the production of rose oil for use in perfume. It is used to flavour food, as a component in some cosmetic and medical preparations, and for religious purposes throughout Europe and Asia. Rose syrup is made from rose water, with sugar added.


TOM FORD – My most luxurious makeup brushes


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photo 4 copy

A good brush will last you a very long time and it is worth the money you pay for it! This is the little philosophy of a brush addict! But when it comes to amazing brushes, Tom Ford is the best and if anyone should invest in premium brushes, I would definitely recommend the Tom Ford Brushes.

So, I buy brushes A LOT! But to actually come to love them, they have to correspond to some criteria:

- good quality: how well they are made

- performance: how they apply the makeup

- cleaning: how well they clean and how they look after that

- how well they wear: if they shed, or if the bristles stain with product that will not come off, while washing, or if they change their shape…

My little Tom Ford “samurai army” of brushes managed to check all those points and have a special place in my collector heart! So here they are!

photo 1 copy

My first two Tom Ford brushes, I bought a few years ago, in Milan. I was lured by the beautiful mahogany, gold and white details without knowing that they will give me a flawless makeup.

The first one I bought was the #02 Cream Foundation Brush. It is a natural hair brush designed to flawlessly blend cream and liquid textured bases by picking up the right amount of product and placing it where needed. It is soft, but firm at the same time, that is why it does such a great job at buffing in the foundation. What I discovered is that it works wonders with cream foundations ( I also red somewhere that it was designed to be used specifically with the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick ), but with liquid foundations tends to soak more product than my other foundation brushes or my Beauty Blender.

How I use it: I put a bit of product on the back of my hand, take it on the brush, and working in small, circular motions I buff it in, starting from the center of my face, where – in fact – I need most coverage.

This next brush I bought on a whim, in that same trip. It is the #03 Eyeshadow and Concealer Brush. Ment to apply concealer and eye colour based products on the mobile lid, it is made with synthetic hair which makes the application flawless and easy. It is also amazing to apply very glittery eyeshadows.

photo 2 copy

This is my absolute favourite Tom Ford brush and, I dare to say, that it is my favourite brush I own. And that is a huge statement coming from me! It is the #05 Bronzer Brush. Designed to pick up the optimal amount of product to achieve  a gorgeous healthy, radiant, bronzed godess look. It is a dense brush, with luxuriously soft bristles, but still somewhat firm for a more precise application. It is amazing for buffing that bronzer onto your face base, for that flawless look.

All the Tom Ford brushes were specially designed to be used with their correspondent makeup products. And if you take a look at this brush and the bronzer it is ment to be used with, you will see that this makes sense. That bronzer is huge and it is only logic that the brush for it had to be also huge. But I am not complaining, because with my pea-sized head, it literally takes seconds to apply my bronzer.

photo 3 copy

I only have two eye brushes and that is because nothing can beat my Hakuhodo eye brushes army when it comes to applying eyeshadows! These were more recent buys and I am also very pleased with them!

The #14 Smokey Eye Brush designed to achieve a gorgeous, dramatic smokey eye without putting too much effort into it, this is a must in your collection. It is soft, precise and I also use it to smuge the harsh line of my makeup, for a more soft and natural look.

My last Tom Ford Brush is the #15 Eyeliner and Definer Brush. The natural hair, the precisely cut bristles are great for lining with both gel and powder liner. Also great for smudging, but I also use it to apply my favourite higlight shade in the key points of my eye: brow bone, inner tear duct.

photo copy

My Tom Ford brushes did not shed! Not even once! I wash them every week with my The Body Shop Camolile Oil cleanser and the Dr. Bronner shampoo. They tend to change their shape a bit but I put them in their plastic guards ( yes, I still have those white, plastic-y thingies! Yay Me! ) after they dry completely and they get back to their initial shape. The embossed Tom Ford writing on them did not wore off, they are not scratched, the gold details are still shiny… They are handmade in Japan, with amazing care for details and quality,  supposedly by the same factory that does other amazing brushes for Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo…

photo 5 copy

Yes! A good brush WILL last you a very long time! Tom Ford brushes are well know for how expensive they are, though! Can you justify such a purchase? Anytime, anywhere! Can you get similar brushes for less? Absolutely. But you will definitely justify their prices when you will start using them and notice how addicted you are to them!

They look expensive, they perform like an expensive product, they confirm all the claims about them… They are the epitome of luxury in terms of blushes!

Have you tried them, beautiful?

See you soon!

xx, Annie

Favourite Home Scent: Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s APOM and Aqua Universalis Incense Paper


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Perfume is a piece of art which belongs to the patrimony of intimacy

Francis Kurkdjian

You might have read about this incense papers in my previous blog posts. And seen them in oh, so many of my Instagram photos! They are my favourite ambient perfumes. So easy to use… Definitely the ones I always turn to when I want create a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. They are the luxury home scents from Maison Francis Kurkdjian House of Perfumes and come in the form of an innovative product and very different from the usual candles or room sprays everyone is using.

Incense papers are stripes of paper soaked in the perfume oils from the Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume collections, dried and then cut in small pieces, and packed in compact, elegant boxes.


APOM Pour Femme, is the short term for the “A Piece of Me” fragrance, one of the best sellers of the House. It is a perfume inspired by the trip the parfumeur took to Liban. APOM is a sophisticate and classy perfume, in which the notes of the Oriental orange blossoms and those of the ylang-ylang flowers create a perfect harmony combined with the woody notes, making this perfume quirky and unique.


Aqua Universalis is a perfume with beautiful woody notes and musk as a base, complemented by fresh bergamot and topped with Sicilian lemon, sweet oranges and lilly-of-the-valley. This is Francis Kurkdjian‘s interpretation of the clean and fresh Aqua Universalis Perfume.

photo 1

Each strip of paper has small cuts in it and it is better to fold it before burning it! Just one strip is enough to spread the perfume on a surface of over 60 m², so I definitely advise you to burn the small pre cut pieces one by one. Like this you will also have control on the intensity of the perfume inside your space.

Each slim box contains 25 strips of paper and some handy, elegant matches. You only need to light the paper, then blow out the flame. It will continue to burn slow, without a flame, gently discharging a perfumed smoke in the air.


Available for purchase in Beautik Haute Perfumerie, Liberty London, or Neiman Marcus.

What are your favourite home scents?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie


INTERESTING FACTS about Monsieur Francis Kurkdjian:

- at the age of 25, Francis created his first perfume for Jean Paul Gaultier, called Le Male.

- also created for Acqua di Parma , Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Juliette Has A Gun, Kenzo, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent.

- at 30, he received the the Coty Prize for his entire career.

- 10 years later, at 40 he received the important distinction of “Chevalier des Arts et Des Lettres”. 








Guerlain Terracotta Bronzers Collection: the Terracotta 4 Seasons, the Terracotta Light and the Terracotta Sun Celebration 30th Anniversary Limited Edition


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With summer on its last leg ( so to say! ), what better time to take advantage of that and write about the epitome of luxury bronzing powder products Guerlain Terracottas are!

I love some brands for their lipsticks, some for their colour selection, but Guerlain has definitely the most gorgeous bronzers I have ever tried! Matte, glowy, with such a variety of shades to choose from, housed in an extremely beautiful, luxury packaging – Guerlain has it all!

Now, I’m not going to talk again about the Terracotta Light and the Sun Celebration 30 Years Anniversary Sun Star Pallette because I already reviewed them! Just click on them and the links will redirect you to the actual posts!

photo 1 copy

So, the one I will be talking about next is the Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor-Made Bronzing Powder. My shade now is #03 Light Brunette.

This is a re-re-repurchase for me. The first one I had came in the lightest shade #00 Nude. My second one was the shade #03 Light Brunette, but after a few good months of thoroughly usage, I somehow managed to reduce it to pieces! Yup, I am clumsy like that!

I still had my Terracotta Light in #02 Sun Blondes, but I needed a “certain” matte bronzer, a good old friend I knew and loved! A re-purchase was inevitable!

With your permission, beautiful, I will give you the full description of this product, from Guerlain’s website.

From winter to summer, the tone of the complexion changes. This is why Guerlain has created Terracotta 4 Seasons, a variation in four steps to sculpt your tan all year long. The perfect gradation of caramelised hues, these four shades can be endlessly combined and layered, depending on your desire, skin tone and the season, for an authentic tan and an incredibly natural result.
The complexion is sun-kissed with a sheer finish, both radiant and matt. The natural effect is irreproachable and the tan seems reinvented.

What is there more to add?! Great product, gorgeous packaging, flawless application! Definitely a must-have in everyone’s makeup collection!

Next you will have some swatches of the Terracotta 4 Seasons bronzing powder and a few more photos of my little Guerlain Powder Bronzers collection to please your eyes!

photo 3 copy

photo 2 copy

photo4 copy

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie

Summer 2014 Favourites


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For us here, in Europe, the end of August sadly marks the end of Summer. But it also means that it is time for me to talk you through all my favourite summer products – both old and new amazing discoveries.

This is how you will see my favourites – in seasonal posts. I do not like forcing a favourites post every month, just for the sake of writing something! I have lots of ideas! And the Beauty World has so much to offer!…

This being said, here you have my most loved beauty products of Summer 2014!


My first ones are the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks which along with the Burberry Fresh Glow B.B. Cream were this year’s new releases. It was a real pleasure to be able to test them and discover them, because they are amazing! I already reviewed them ( Dior , Burberry ) so this is as much as I will tell you here!

As you may ( or may not ) know, for me the Summer of 2014 was all about bronzed, healthy and glowing skin. In fact, the whole month of July is a mini-series of related posts. So among my favourites I had to include my well-loved bronzers and highlighters: a new buy the Guerlain Terracotta Sun Celebration Bronzing Powder and Blush 30th Anniversary Edition the Star Sun Powder ( longest name ever! ) and another favourite the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette, both reviewed here and here.

photo_2 - Copy

My skin never felt more pampered than when I used an old favourite of mine – the Caudalie Divine Scrub. The name describes it perfectly: divine natural oils blend, divine scent, divine results after usage. Read full review here.

photo 3

During summer, my go-to fragrances change from mysterious, grown-up scents to more fresh and floraly ones. Last year I was loving Chanel No 5 Eau Prèmiere, but this year was a trully amazing rediscovery: the Annick Goutal L’Eau d’Hadrien. I reviewed this one at the beginning of this month, in a oh! such a poetic post.


My last favourites were face mists. Omorovicza, L’Occitane, Melvita, Caudalie, Uriage thermal… They are so easy to use and versatile: you can use them to moisturize your face, as a setting spray, on your beauty blender to apply your makeup, while traveling on the plane, or to refresh yourself in your car when you wait in the heat for the green light. Face mists/floral infused waters, especially Rosa Damacena infused ones, became a very important step in my skincare routine, replacing my toners – which I always find a bit drying and harsh on my sensitive complexion. More on my most used face mists, here.

These were my favourite products this summer. Which were yours?

See you in Autumn, beautiful!

xx, Annie



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