CHRISTMAS BLOG SALE – Adopt a Lipstick from annie’s beauty…!


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Finally! My blog sale is finally here!

As you might know, I’m a declared and assumed lipstick hoarder! I love them, I like to have them in my collection… But I don’t use them as much as I would love to!

So, to prevent them for going bad, I decided to find them a new home!

The selected lipsticks:

TOM FORD Lips&Boys: Price 20 €

Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog16Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog15

  1. Cooper
  1. Xavier

  2. Luciano

  3. Patrick SOLD!!!!!

  4. Adriano SOLD!!!!!

  5. Peter

  6. Alasdhair SOLD!!!!!

  7. Flynn

Review and swatches here.

TOM FORD Lip Color and Lip Color Mat Price 20 €

Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog14Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog13

  1. Blush Nude 2. Pink Tease 3. Crimson Noir SOLD!!!!! 4. Pussycat SOLD!!!!!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY MATTE Revolution and K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Fallen from the Lipstick Tree Price 20 €

Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog12Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog11

  1. So Marilyn 2. Stoned Rose SOLD!!!!! 3. Confession 4. Lost Cherry 5. Sexy Sienna

NARS Audacious Lipstick Price 20 €

Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog10Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog9

  1. Marisa 2. Greta SOLD!!!!! 3. Natalie 4. Kelly 5. Grace

Full review and swatches here.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Price 20 €

  1. Impassioned
  2. Tumultous Pink

Reviews and swatches here and here.

Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog8

Burberry Price 20 €

  1. Lip Mist Nude Peach
  2. Lip Cover Romantic Rose
  3. Lip Cover Oxblood

Reviews and swatches here, here and here.

Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog7 Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog6

GIVENCHY Le Rouge Price 20 €

  1. Carmin Escarpin
  2. Beige Plume

Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog5

DIOR Price 15 €

  1. Dior Addict Lipstick Vintage
  2. Dior Addict Lipstick Tailleur Bar
  3. Dior Rouge Dior Nude Charnelle
  4. Dior Rouge Dior Allégresse ( L.E. )
  5. Dior Rouge Dior 999
  6. Dior Rouge Sérum Radiant Pink Serum
  7. Dior Rouge Sérum Carmine Crystal
  8. Dior Rouge Sérum Raspberry Serum

Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog4Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog3


Price 15 €

Blog Sale Lipstick anniesbeautyblog2

  1. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Diva ( L.E. )
  2. GIORGIO ARMANI Rouge Extasy Downtown
  3. Clarins Rouge Prodige Tea Rose
  4. Dior Addict Fluid Stick Rieuse
  5. Guerlain Rouge G Rose Glacé ( L.E. )

The Rules:

  1. Items will be sold on a first come first served basis. When an item is sold I will let you know in this blog post, by writing SOLD next to it.
  2. I will do my best to ship all my orders internationally for a 5 € fee, although from my experience this far for the counties outside the EU, fees might be higher than that ( 1 or 2 € added to the original fee ). The packaging will be sent via Romanian Postal Service and it will reach its destination within max 10 working days!
  3. PLEASE pay asap! If I don’t have a payment within 3 working days, I will have move on to the next buyer! If not the product will be listed again on this blog post!
  4. Absolutely NO RETURNS! Sorry guys but I’m selling exclusively luxury makeup items that are barely swatched for my blog posts for half and less their original price. They are sanitised and within their expiration date, of course!
  5. Some of the Lips&Boys come in their boxes, all the other lipsticks come unboxed.


How to buy an item:

  1. send me an email at with your intention and the item you want to get, full name and address. Use as a subject line Luxury Beauty Christmas Blog Sale. Since I haven’t managed to set up my PayPal account yet ( sorry about that, it’s my bank’s fault! ), so you will have to send the money directly to my account.
  2.  I will ship your item the following day after the payment has been confirmed.
  3. once I’ll set up my PayPal account things will get easier.

Buy more than one item and I won’t charge you the shipping fee!

Anything you want to ask me write a comment below or send me an email at!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie

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2015 Christmas Gift Guide


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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette // Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen From The Lipstick Tree Mini Lipstick // Zara Home stationery // Aromatherapy Associates Bath Jewels // Eve Lom The Kiss  // NEOM Candle // Zara Home Cahsmere Scarf and Beanie

Tic-tac tic-tac… A couple more sleeps and Christmas it’s here! And Santa is here…

And as the late shopper that I am I already started panicking and put together this little gift guide with a few suggestions for all those little panicked late shoppers like myself!

I will try to make this short and sweet…

  1. One can never go wrong with some gorgeous makeup items so the ones I chose for you were the  Hourglass Ambient Edit Palette, that besides the fact that it looks absolutely fabulous has some amazing quality products in it, and this little Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms that look oh! so adorable. I think that they would make an awesome gift for any woman at any age! 
  2. When in doubt, go for a pampering product! Aromatherapy Associates come out every year with Christmas mini versions of their cult favourite bath oils and their sets are so beautifully packaged that you don’t even need wrapping paper for them! And look at this little Eve Lom lip treatment! What a beautiful stocking filler it would make, don’t you think? 
  3. A candle is always a good idea and NEOM Candles were something I always wanted to try! They’re beautiful all year round, but this Christmas they made them so gorgeous and they smell heavenly! 
  4. Stationery is a classic gift for me! I always receive a beautiful agenda at the end of the year and I think it’s a good gift to give as well! These are from Zara Home.
  5. And last but not least, something to keep you warm: a beanie, a foulard, some mittens… They’re more than welcomed in Winter when it’s cold and dreary. These two items I found in Zara Home too, so go have a look there as wel!

This is my little selection for you. I hope you enjoy it and hurry up! Christmas is just around the corner! 

Are you done with your shopping yet? What did you get?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie





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Christmas Spirit in Dolce and Gabbana Style with FARFETCH


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Hi lovelies!

I’m back today with a lovely collaboration with one of my favourite online shopping destinations Farfetch London.

Actually this is more than that!… As I had the unique opportunity to be kindly invited, along with a selected group of bloggers, to take part in this awesome Dolce&Gabbana Mini Sicily Bag Fashion Challenge.

All I have to do is to create an “all-Italian” outfit around one of the Miss Sicily bags of my choice using all Dolce&Gabbana items from Farfetch’s website, making sure that it embodies the philosophy of the brand. The prize: an awesome Miss Sicily bag!

The Dolce&Gabbana fashion shows are some of my favourites to follow and every Fashion Week I’m so excited to get to see them! I simply love that the D&G woman strikes as a strong, sensual and glamorous individual that’s still connected to her own Italian heritage, traditions and customs! During their shows – which always tell a tale of family, motherhood, religion or culture, I allow myself to be mesmerised by the heavy, opulent ( handmade) embroidery, the burning reds and the stark black outfits that dress the models from head to toe, by the breathtaking golden head pieces, statement necklaces and the bracelets made with the most beautiful, light-reflecting materials…

anniesbeautyblog X Farfetch D&G Miss Sicily bag competition

The Miss Sicily bag is probably D&G‘s most iconic handbag, one you’ll get to see in their every collection, under various shapes and forms… It epitomizes the timeless Italian ladylike glamour we all admire! My choice – the trendy Mini Sicily Tote ( 1 ) in red pebbled leather, gold-tone hardware and a leopard print lining. Simply adorable!

I started building my outfit by choosing some rather basic pieces as a base: like this brocade top ( 2 ) with beautifully embroidered cut-outs and some contrast panel trousers ( 4 ), that I think they are the most flattering for my body shape as they gracefully elongate the legs. From now on I allowed my other garment pieces – this amazing scarf detail boxy coat ( 3 ) and above all, these beautiful gilded accessories, to make a difference!…

I boldly picked this richly embellished beanie ( 6 ) and some comfortable sequinned embellished ballerinas ( 5 ), that are a work of art themselves! The gold details of the sequins, the rhinestones and all the brooches on the beanie give a twist to the whole outfit, making it more fun and casual, keeping “alive” Dolce&Gabbana’s strong and powerful identity. Plus who can resist a fluffy pom-pom?!

I wanted my Miss Sicily to be in a bold colour as well, as I wanted it to be easily noticeable and easy to remember/lust after!?! I’d wear my Mini Miss Sicily ( probably as a crossbody bag ) under my red coat – that would rest unbuttoned on my shoulders, with the bag peeking out from underneath the opened lapels… I always want to keep my “treasures” close!

The look I went for is one that represents me the most: the smart-casual, yet chic style… and with a bit of edginess given here by the Dolce&Gabbana legacy.

I would definitely wear this outfit for a brunch with my girls –  Sex and The City style!

[ Here, have a closer look at all the items I picked! Check out those gorgeous details! ]

  imageimage imageimageimageimage

I hope you liked the outfit I put together, Beautiful! If so, please let me know in the Comment section below!… Also, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to change!

And don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed for me!

See you soon!

xx, Annie



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*The photographic material used in this post is propety of


HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Edit – Too good not to!…


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Hourglass Edit Palette anniesbeautyblog1

This is a one-of-a-kind makeup collector piece and I’ve been absolutely obsessed with it ( along with other ever-so-many beauty enthusiasts?! )! It’s the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Christmas 2015 Palette, filled with the most magical things you’ll ever see: fairy dust in the form of finishing powders, highlighters, blushers and bronzing powders…

I can actually hear myself dismissing this Palette when it first released. I had most of the shades in it ( Mood Exposure and Luminous Flush – review here, and Dim Light ) and I was only interested in getting the bronzing shade…

In the meanwhile disaster stroke!…

Hourglass Edit Palette anniesbeautyblog5

I managed to reduce to pieces my L.E. Ambient Lighting Blush Palette containing the two blushers mentioned above ( well done Self! – NOT!!!!?!?!! )…

As for Dim Light, I almost hit pan on it since it has been my go-to powder for setting my makeup, for the longest time. So another purchase would’ve been inevitable anyway!

So why not get me this gorgeous complete palette!?

Plus, with Christmas approaching and all – that certainly didn’t helped much, as this gorgeous Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette would definitely make an awesome gift for everyone… Not just for a makeup addict like myself!

[ I will definitely include this in my annie’s beauty… Christmas 2015 Gift Guide upcoming post, so make sure you keep an eye on my blog next week! ]

Not going to ramble more about how amazing quality these are as I already did raved about that in some of my previous posts ( here and here )… I will definitely write a separate review on the bronzing powder and the new highlighting shades later, next year.

Until then I’ll leave your with some more pictures that I hope you’re going to enjoy as much as I enjoy this palette!

Hourglass Edit Palette anniesbeautyblog2Hourglass Edit Palette anniesbeautyblog3

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie




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Seasonal Favourites Autumn 2015


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Seasonal Favourites Autumn 2015 anniesbeautyblog

This is the easiest favourites post I had to write in my almost two years of blogging!

I’m sure that you, my beautiful readers know already what I’m talking about! And the feedback from you was worth all the effort I put in each and every one of them! Thank you for always being so receptive and kind to me! It means the world!

In the past few couple of months you were able to see a huge amount of posts on dark lipsticks! I bet at times you got bored of dark lipstick swatches… But let me tell you this: it’s been a real pleasure and and some of the most fun blog posts to write and to photograph!

I wrote about NARS’ Ingrid and Deborah, Charlotte Tilbury’s Glastonberry, Estée Lauder’s Desirous and YSL’s Grenat Satisfaction. I even wrote about a high street option that took many of you by surprise ( post here ).

And even though they might seem many for you, I’m still left with the sensation that I haven’t found the right shade of grungy, dark lipstick yet… The hunt will continue next year!

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte lipstick anniesbeautyblog2 YSL Rouge Pure Couture the Mats 206 Grenat Satisfaction anniesbeautyblog2Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry anniesbeautyblog3

Nothing kept my interest alive more than these lipsticks and I feel like no other products should be included in this Favourites post. They were the star and the highlight of my whole Autumn!

Which were your favourites?

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie





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Eye Essentials as of late… feat. Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Burberry, Chanel & more


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Eye essentials as of late 2015 anniesbeautyblog1

I’ve been loving a lot a natural eye look lately! Since I focused my makeup mainly on the lips, always choosing dark, vampy, bold colours, I felt the need of a neutral eye makeup to balance the whole look!

Here you have my eye essentials as of late, some good old, trustworthy ones and some jaw-dropping, amazing new discoveries!


  • my absolute favourite and the easiest on to use those mornings when you’re late, is Burberry Pale Barley. A natural shade with a little twist, blends like a dream and you’re ready in 5 seconds

Eye essentials as of late 2015 anniesbeautyblog2

  • another favourite is Charlotte Tilbury’s The Sophisticate Eyeshadow Palette a good selection of warm, brown, neutral colours to help give some depth and definition to the eye
  • a new amazing discovery was the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet an awesome bronz-y, copper-y shade, very long lasting and easy to use ( review coming soon )
  • the Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Colour in Golden Peach was the cream eyeshadow that I wore all Summer long ( you can see it in my Seasonal Favourites Summer 2015 as well ) and I loved it that much that I wore it a lot throughout Autumn too. See why in this post, here.
  • to highlight the inner corners of my eyes I preferred my all-time favourite By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Blonde Opal ( more here ), to a close tie with my Burberry Effortless Kohl in Stone No.3, which I also used in my waterline. I love Stone as it is such a natural, flesh-toned shade that helps brighten up any look.


  • my eyeliner of choice was another new discovery, the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen – the best investment in an eyeliner one can ever make and definitely holy grail material


  • another holy grail, the best mascara ever, the Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara, the waterproof version, in black. Gives volume, defines the lashes without making them clumpy. Mine is on its last leg and I absolutely need to get a new one!


  • I wore nothing but the Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer in Sepia No.2, as per usual when I go for a natural look. It also comes with this handy spoolie at one of its ends.


I feel like our makeup tools are the unsung heroes we keep forgetting about in our posts. Here are my go-to’s as of late…

  • Tom Ford #11 Eyeshadow Brush ( review on #11, #13 and #21 here )
  • Tom Ford #13 Eyeshadow Blend Brush
  • Tom Ford #14 Smokey Eye Brush ( review here )
  • and Tom Ford #21 Lip Brush
  • the Shu Uemura S Lash Curler, the best eyelash curler for small eyes
  • and this Burberry sharpener that does the job extremely well

These were my hero products for my eye makeup look this Autumn! Have you tried them yet?

Feel free to share yours!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie





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Switching to Festive Mood – Welcome back Red Lipstick!


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One thing you’ll be seeing a lot in my upcoming blog posts is a red lip. Yes, I finally ditched my dark lipsticks in favour of the festive colours! But it’s THAT time of the year… and I can’t help it! 

The fact that I love a good red lip it’s not an actual surprise for anyone at this points and if you’ve been with me for at least one year, you definitely know that I absolutely love my reds all year round… But especially at this time of the year I do think that a gorgeous red lip can easily switch you into the festive mood. It happens to me, at least…

Well, the fact that I own quite a few red lipsticks, which I love to death sure ailments constantly my red lips obsession! It seems to enter into some sort of a hibernation state with the first signs of Spring but it makes a strong comeback at the beginning of December!…

I do feel that Christmas is the perfect time of the year to really done a red lip and it’s been a tradition of mine for the past couple of years to scout for “the perfect holiday red”… that I always end up wearing until the first signs of Spring! 

Here you have a couple of the reds I already own in my collection, some of which will be featured in an upcoming Blog Sale… a Blog Sale I’ve been “menacing” you with since last Summer ( ?!?!???!!!! ). Well, it will be up soon, I promise and I sure hope you will help me find new homes for some of my beloved lippies! 

In the meanwhile here they are! Some of my favourite reds of last festive season and some that I discovered this year too!…



annie's beauty... TF Matte


annie's beauty... TOM FORD


annie's beauty... BURBERRY makeup

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie



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Discover my beautiful country Romania & its traditions: St. Andrew’s Day


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I’m Romanian and I am proud of it! And today I will share with you some of the wonders of my beautiful country so that you’ll understand why!

HAPPY 1ST OF DECEMBER my Romanian lovelies, it’s our Country’s birthday again!

I live in Romania, Bucharest/București – the city known as Little Paris!… Many of you my lovelies might not know where that is and I won’t blame you at all! It’s a small country in the SE part of Europe, a country made famous mostly by legends – dead: Dracula, well Vlad Țepeș or the Impaler and alive Nadia Comăneci ( the gymnast with 1st and only perfect 10 in the history of gymnastics), and by “the best road in the world”, the Transfăgărășan ( Top Gear, 2009 )…


What is less known is that Petrache Poenaru, a humble Romanian invented the pen… Another Romanian discovered that microorganisms can inhibit the development of some pathogens long before Flemming talked about penicillin – his name was Victor Babeș… The founder of Geriatry as a science was a woman, the Romanian Ana Aslan, one of the precursors of the modern skin care treatments… Your often life-saving Pap test ladies, is an abbreviation from Babeș-Papanicolau Test because our Romanian Victor Babeș discovered its effects as well, independently from the Greek doctor that made it famous… Henri Coandă, inventor and aerodynamics pioneer created world’s first jet and the Coandă effect of fluid dynamics ( whatever that might be!… Haha! )… The Romanian writer Mircea Eliade was the first and only madman to write a History of Religions from the beginnings up to date… We have Constantin Brâncuși, we have Eugene Ionesco and so many more…

We have our mountains…

image image image image image image image image image image image image imagephoto 5 image image image image image image image image imageMy beautiful country, Romania anniesbeautyblog2 My beautiful country, Romania anniesbeautyblog3 image image image imageimageIMG_0971

We have our sea…


And everything inbetween… Every form of landscape known to man ( keeping a certain scale though! )

We have lakes and we have rivers…

image image image image image image image image image image

And one of the most beautiful and unique deltas on the planet – the Danube Delta

image image image

But we also have some of the most hardworking and welcoming people on Earth… We laugh, we cry, we sing and dance like you will never see anywhere else… Our food is a work of art and our wine is the elixir of life…

image image image image image image image image imagephoto 4 copy photo 3 copy image image image imageimage image  image image image imageimage image image image image image

But above all, we have our traditions!

All Romanian traditions are beautiful – they’re mystical and strictly related to the fight between Good and Evil… The kind of stories to tell your children on one of those cold winter nights all cuddled in a cosy blanket with a hot drink in your hand, near the fire…

And since we’re celebrating Saint Andrew’s Day tomorrow, I would love to share some of our traditions with you! Saint Andrew’s is one of the oldest Romanian traditions! It was supposedly a pagan celebration which was assimilated by the Christian St. Andrew’s Day ( Saint Andrew is the saint that brought Christianism in our country ), but it’s still filled with all the pagan traditions we inherited from our Dacian ancestors.


St. Andrew’s Day is also called “the day of the Wolf“. The wolf played an important part in our pagan history being a magical animal for our Dacian ancestors. It was so important and respected that it was present even on their battle flags which embodied a dragon with the head of a wolf. It is believed, even today in certain parts of the country, that on this very day ( November, the 30th ) the wolf becomes even more agile… It can even flex its otherwise stiff neck… We have a saying about that, that goes like that: “it will happen the day the wolf will see its tail”, about something that’s slightly possible to happen anytime soon. It’s the day when all the wolves gather in large packs for the upcoming Winter and start hunting…

On this day nobody should work and focus on protection their animals instead, which are supposed to be the most vulnerable on this day! Humans aren’t less vulnerable though and they shouldn’t do certain actions that could attract “evil”… To protect their animals and themselves our ancestors used to rub some garlic on all the ways in and out from their homes and the stables of their animals… Later they used Holy Water too!…

The night before Saint Andrew’s the Skies open and the animals start talking. But whoever listens to what they say shall die soon! It’s also the most powerful night for spells and magical incantations… That’s why young women have some rituals to find out who will be the man they’ll marry… It is said that if a girl wants to marry soon she should put 41 grains of wheat under her pillow, say some incantations and that same night she’d supposedly dream her future husband and she’d get married soon!

Your’s trully, the younger, modern and still unmarried at that time version, tried the trick as well… Aaand the man who appeared in my dream was… my uncle! “Your faith was weak!”, they said… Ha! Really!?…

This night is also called “the night of the undead” or “strigoi“. What’s strigoi? They are the spirits of the dead that didn’t managed or refused to pass after their funeral and they come back to hunt their living relatives bringing disease, suffering and sometimes even death. They travel on earth and water shouting and howling in barrels and on brooms…

Therefore you should remember that garlic is the magical weapon for protection!

On this night, we should sow wheat in a small recipient, place it by the window, take good care of it and if the wheat grows tall and healthy, the one who took care of it will have luck and good health the following year!

On this same night, our elders were able to make some empirical meteorologic predictions for the upcoming Winter season… They said that if the sky was clear, with a full moon the Winter was going to be warm and gentle. But if the sky would be dark or raining, the Winter will be rough with heavy snow, snow storms and very cold.

Another tradition says that weaving or spinning are forbidden until Christmas so that we won’t upset the Virgin Mary, who in our traditions appears like a beautiful young women who sits at a weaving machine/loop or with a skewer in her hands, spinning.

Here you have a couple of our traditions and superstitions you probably weren’t able to easily discover elsewhere… Sadly nowadays they are dismissed and classified as traditions and nobody really cares about them! But years and years ago they were the ways and the rules our grand-grand-grand-fathers lived by…

I wish I was born back then and lived those magical times as well!

I hope you liked my beautiful Romania and some of our strange but interesting ( I hope ) traditions!

See you soon, Beautiful! I’m off to celebrate my Country and the Andrews in my life!

Have an awesome weekend!

xx, Annie



All the pictures featured in this post are from Pinterest, so go and check my board My beautiful country, Romania for more amazing photos! Credits belong to their rightful owners! Some pictures are personal and they’re watermarked!



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Dark Lips – How to wear Autumn’s most beautiful makeup trend


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5 Lipstick Recommendations Autumn 2015 Edit anniesbeautyblog

Dark lips is not a trend we’ll find on the catwalks this Autumn/Winter season in particular, but I do feel that we cannot help but admire the use of dark lipstick throughout the Fashion Weeks. It is a trend that always returns around this time of the year and makes us secretly crave for this statement look – a look that brings the vibes the witches of East and West to mind…

It has been constantly used in fashion shows throughout the years: in 2014 by Helmut Lang – a look given to the models by Hannah Murray, makeup artist with NARS who used the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Deborah for both the eyes and the lips, backstage at Rodarte Autumn 2014 runway – look created by James Kaliardos again for NARS Cosmetics ( I recreated myself one of the Rodarte looks in this blog post from last year! ).


These somewhat “forbidden lips”, with all their dark secrets were given to the models on the Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 fashion shows as well, in presentations for brands like Marchesa and Marc Jacobs. The models walked with luscious deep eggplant lipstick shades beautifully complimented by “Twiggy lashes” only – for Ermanno Scervino, in matte dark lip pencils at Train Bleu, and with a mélange of burgundy and blackcurrant on Ungaro catwalks. Deep burgundies mixed with true blacks made up the look for Giles, while deep chocolate-browns made a clear statement at the Trussardi shows. Dashes of plums were also used paired with golden lids, reminiscing of an early* glamorous Halloween ( Luisa Beccaria fashion shows ).

[ *keep in mind that A/W fashion shows are held usually sometime early Spring ]

Next, I have a few tricks and tips for once you decided to ditch all those glossy, bright Summer lip colours and opt for the bordeaux, vine, vampy shades that are basically in the opposite side of the colour spectrum. I must admit that they are rather difficult to wear, but you can definitely still work with them. They can look quite refined and sophisticated if paired with the right look. You can wear them in full force to make  a statement ( the infamous goth look ) but you can also wear them slightly dabbed on the lips as well ( more of a stain than everything else ) for a more approachable, healthy flush of colour, that freshly-looking “Jane Austen-novel-come-to-life” kind of look…

  1. flawless skin: no redness, no visible spots, no dark circles for as much as your skin allows it! If not use your trusty/heavy duty concealer
  2. pair it with a subtle, neutral eye makeup for a more sophisticated look; your bold lips are statement enough!… Unless you’re attending a Halloween party and you’re planning to look like one of the characters of the Witches of the East End!
  3. put your dark lipstick on before the rest of your makeup! Like this you will have an overall idea of what you’re going for and it will be easier for you to balance the other colours on your face – eyes, cheeks, bronzer and highlight if needed…
  4. brows! DON’T go overboard with grooming them! They will frame your face and will actually be the ones in balance with your lips, so a medium brow it’s highly recommended!
  5. make sure you take care of your lips before applying your dark lipstick – a scrub and a lip balm is mandatory
  6. make sure you line your lips before the application of your lipstick – it’s easier like that to obtain a beautifully defined pout, not to mention that your lipstick will last longer, without moving everywhere on your face
  7. choose carefully your lipstick! And I’m not talking only about your colour but about the formulation and finish as well! Go for matte or creamy-matte, long-lasting formulations that apply evenly and fade in a decent manner throughout the day! Any imperfection, flakiness or patchiness will be more than obvious

In the picture below I’m wearing a lipstick* with a creamy formulation that was a pain to apply in order to make it look somewhat decent, and was also a pain to wear since it went all-over the place in a matter of minutes!…

[ *if you care for a good read, make sure you click on the actual pictures to be automatically redirected to the full blog posts about these lovely dark lipsticks ]

Dark Lips How to anniesbeautyblog2

And here you have a couple of my favourite dark lipsticks I proudly wore almost every day this Autumn:

FOTD October 2015 anniesbeautyblog1


YSL Rouge Pure Couture the Mats 206 Grenat Satisfaction anniesbeautyblog2

YSL Grenat Satisfaction*

NARS Audacious Lipstick Ingrid anniesbeautyblog3

NARS Ingrid*

NARS Audacious Lipstick Deborah anniesbeautyblog3

NARS Deborah*

So, these are a couple of my handy tricks and tips on how to wear dark lipsticks! If you have more, please feel free to share them in the Comment section below!

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NARS Audacious Lipstick Deborah


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NARS Audacious Lipstick Deborah anniesbeautyblog2

I really don’t want to be rude or offensive in any way but NARS’ Deborah is definitely a bada** shade!

I clearly remember myself saying in some of my previous posts that I couln’t see myself wearing such a brown, ’90 shade – idea that made me instantly dismiss Deborah from the swatches I first saw online… I was reserved indeed whenever I ran across brown lipstick in general, to be completely honest, thinking that it would be too much!

But here I am shamelessly talking about it!

NARS Audacious Lipstick Deborah anniesbeautyblog3

The NARS Audacious Deborah is acknowledged as a “chestnut” on their website. And I couldn’t agree more… I will describe it as a milk chocolate colour, a medium brown with warm, orange-red undertones that makes me think of misty Autumn days and hot chocolate with spices ( cinnamon and nutmeg especially! ).

I’m obsessed with dark, bold, grungy lips at the moment ( no surprise for anyone anymore, right!? ) and before getting Deborah the one I wore a lot was the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Matte in Desirous ( review here )… Compared to that, Deborah has more orange-red undertones, while Desirous has more reddish undertones – which I think make it a bit darker as well. Deborah has a creamy sheen to it, one of those “modern matte” finishes. Both are equally creamy, opaque in one swipe and long lasting, but I find that Desirous lasts a bit longer – as expected, since it’s a true matte formulation.

[ Read a round-up of my favourite NARS Audacious Lipsticks – the Spring colour Edit here and about my favourite dark lipstick of all time, Ingrid here ]

NARS Audacious Lipstick Deborah anniesbeautyblog4

Here, in these swatches I’m not wearing Deborah with anything underneath since I didn’t wanted to influence its actual colour in any way, but if I wanted to make it last longer I ‘d wear it with my Charlotte Tilbury Lip-Cheat Lip Liner in Hollywood Honey and it was equally beautiful except a bit darker! ( review on the lip liner coming up soon!!! )

With or without lip liner, Deborah is a beautiful and unique shade! Definitely not everyone’s cup of cake! And if you think that this might be a bit too much, please bare in mind that the warm undertones make it extremely wearable.

So give it a go! Try it in person at your NARS counter!… Who knows, you might actually end up loving it as much as I do!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie




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